The Apostlesí Creed

The Apostles' Creed as we now have it dates from the eighth century. However, it is a revision of the so-called Old Roman Creed, which was used in the West by the third century. Behind the Old Roman Creed, in turn, were variations which had roots in the New Testament itself. While this creed does not come from the apostles, its roots are apostolic. It served and continues to serve as a Baptismal symbol -- that is, it described the faith into which persons were baptized and has been used in the rites of Baptism and Affirmation of Baptism. (Adapted from the web site of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America).

The following text is derived in part from the Book of Worship: United Church of Christ, and in part from the United Church of Christ web site. In the few instances where there was a variation in reading, the more inclusive text has been used.

Text of The Apostles' Creed

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