In 1847 the Evangelical Synod of North America published the Evangelical Catechism. This was endorsed by the Synod, not as a doctrinal standard, but as an instructional tool. However, through widespread usage, this officially sanctioned catechism, used in confirmation instruction, shaped the faith of the church.

Living Theological Heritage contains both the origional 1867 text of the Evangelical Catechism (4:284-302) and the 1929 revised text (4:318-335).

The version published in English in 1929 had the following material in front, not included in the document printed here: The Apostlesí Creed, with Lutherís summaries of the articles; The Ten Commandments; The summary of the Ten Commandments (answers to questions 52 and 53); The Beatitudes; The Lordís Prayer; The Institution of Holy Baptism (Matt. 28:18-20); The Institution of the Lordís Supper; The Books of the Bible. In the back of the book, not printed here, were included: The Confirmation Vow; The Confessional

The following text is from that 1929 edition. The numerous Scripture References have been omitted.

The Text of The Evangelical Catechism

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