This catechism for the instruction of children was prepared in 1563 by Zacharias Ursinus, at the request of the ruler of the Palatinate in Germany. It soon became the principle catechism used by Reformed Churches on the continent of Europe. It was the only doctrinal standard used by the Reformed Church in the United States, one of the three doctrinal standards used by the Evangelical Synod of North America, and also one of those same three used by the Evangelical and Reformed Church. Because it was used as the basis of instruction in preparation for Confirmation, it was studied by everyone who became a member of the Reformed Church. It therefore had a powerful and unifying influence on the doctrine and piety of the Reformed Church. The full text can be found in Living Theological Heritage, 2:329-358.

The Catechism contained numerous Scripture references, which may or may not be included in modern published versions of the Catechism. Here are external links to:

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