I have taught courses on United Church of Christ History and Polity on several occasions. Each time, I have devoted one session to a review of the Doctrinal Statements that have been adopted at one time or another by the United Church of Christ or its antecedents. There is no place where one finds all of these documents together. Some are difficult to find. I have long desired to put these together under one cover, to be more conveniently accessible to students. I hope that the interested student will find this useful.

The language of these statements is the language of the times in which they were written. People in general are referred to as “Man” “mankind” and “he” although all persons of both genders are meant. God and all three persons of the trinity are referred to with masculine pronouns. The modern reader, who has become used to inclusive language, will have to keep in mind that this is the way people used to talk and speak, and they had no intention to be exclusive or to offend. With documents translated from another language, I have used the most inclusive translation available that is faithful to the original meaning.

Charles A. Maxfield

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