The following essays raise questions which I have about the direction of missions in our churches today. They are written from the perspective of one who has a Ph.D. in Mission History and fifty years experience in the ministry. The intent of these essays is not to provide solutions - which they do not - but to raise questions that need to be discussed in the church concerning the future of missions in the church.

Changing Mission - Changing Church
The missionary movement has shaped the church as we know it. Our beliefs about missions are changing. What result will this have in the life of the Church?

Reverse Missions
Do we really want to hear what the Christians in our former mission churches have to say?

Feel Good Missions
Do we engage in mission to make a difference in our world, or to make us feel good?

The Problem of Wealth
We talk about addressing the problem of poverty as part of our mission. But Jesus seemed more concerned about the problem of wealth. How does this shape our mission?

Allies and Rivals
Are other religions rivals, or allies, in our mission to the spiritual desert around us?